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Namm audio show Jan.24-27, 2013
See us at Anaheim, California, United States.

PCB mounting toroidal for Audio and Industry
Inbest Electronics lauchs a series pcb toroidal transformer for audio and industrial application.

Hannover Messe April 23-27, 2012
Visit us at Hannover Messe industry show Hannover, Germany

About Us

Since its foundation on 2004, Foshan Inbest Electronics Co., Ltd. specializes in designing and producing toroidal transformers, EI transformer, three phase transformers and inductors for industrial , medicial, audio and lighting, as well as customers from a variety of other industrial areas, etc.

With more than 8 years of designing and manufacturing experiences we are committed to produce the highest quality of products and confident in our performance that all of our products are guaranteed.

We offer you the best value, professional, highest flexibility and quality of components that will meet all of your expectations. We also delivery an ever expanding selection of products and we are continuing to expand through, our most desirable trait is our commitment to your business. Our goal is to establish long lasting relationship that you can trust now and in the future.

Low Noise Audio Toroidal

Low noise toroidal transformers are used in variety of high end audio application, with specifical material, design and production to meet ultra-low stray field noise and negligible mechanical noise.
Standard & Customized Toroidal

Toroidal transformers are used in utomation technique, instrument technique, traffic technique, audio Technique, safety technique, solar technique and industrial application.
EI transformer

The laminated construction is often used in isolation transformers, measurement instruments, industrial controls, power transducers, audio, music equipment and medical applications, etc.
Toroidal Core

Toroidal core is widely used in 50Hz and 400Hz transformers, current transformers, reactors, chokes and other magnetic components of electronic equipments.
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